Your Know-Hows to Blog Much Better: Discover Your Potential

Books and Coffee

Writing is always something more than the relatively good knowledge of spelling and grammar, isn’t it? Actually, you do not even think about these guys when you are reading a book by Terry Pratchett or a blogpost by Rand Fishkin. What is more, you are just enjoying the very process of reading and the feeling how new information and bright images are settling comfortably inside your head.

So, yes, both writing your college essays or inventing short stories for your personal budding blog appear to be really multifaceted activities. And the more you get involved into them, the better you realize these three things:

  1. sometimes your natural skill to write (or type) cannot help you express your thoughts and emotions, but you can hardly guess what the matter with your inspiration really is;
  2. it is not enough to be a guru in your native language; you need to know a lot of things to create a new original piece of writing;
  3. you want others (professors, friends, users) to understand and accept your position and feeling, because the desk drawer and the computer folder you are writing for are not very good experts – they are rather silent, aren’t they?

Okay, here are the challenges you are facing. But how can you rise to them? Why on earth should you rise to them? What is the point actually? Well, if you are here, the point is that you are determined to find out more than you know at the moment. So, let’s see what you can discover here!

Book as Open Door

If You Want to Blog, Learn to Care About Yourself

Even though it sounds like your mom’s advice. However, it is not just about wearing that sweater and hat when the weather outside leaves a lot to be desired. It is not about eating broccoli when you feel like everything inside you needs chocolate so badly.

It is about caring about that author in your head or soul, or wherever you believe it settles. Simply put, it is about how to become confident of your skills and ambitions. Here you will discover:

  • where to find your fresh ideas;
  • how to fight procrastination and make yourself work on your writing;
  • what writer’s or blogger’s self-development means and how to involve yourself in it;
  • whether you should really stay optimistic about your career as a writer or blogger and about your life in general;
  • how to provide yourself with the most comfortable conditions and emotions, which will help you write.

If You Want to Blog Better, Learn as Much as You Can

You see, knowledge just cannot be unnecessary. Experience just cannot be considered useless. You can find good food for your thought and therefore for your essay, blogpost, article, or maybe even for a novel in everything, literally. In everything you read in books and online magazines, hear on the online radio and from people’s talks on the subway train, see in museums and cinemas.

Still, how can you make it all original, personal and compelling for others? Follow the updates and you will

  • find out a lot about self-analysis, its principles and benefits for budding writers;
  • learn how to filter and sort out all that info your brain gets during the day;
  • see deeper into effective strategies of different types of writing and learn how they should be applied in particular types of texts;
  • make sure that writing is not about language and literature only. It is time to explore such spheres as journalism, advertising, marketing, and even website development!

Author Giving Speech

If You Want to Blog Much Better, Learn Why You Want It

It may look like a vicious circle, but this is how it all works. Even if you do not post your poems on Facebook just because they are too…well, just because you do not want people know what or who you write about, at least once you have definitely posted a comment on your mood or the weather. Do you remember how many people liked your post? Would you like to increase that number? With Coffeewritings you will:

  • know what your audience expect;
  • learn how to make them expect what you are writing about;
  • as well as many other interesting and surprising things.

So, how do you feel? Looks like it all is in your power, right? And you can use this power to create something outstanding right now, unless it is late night behind the window. Still, if it is really late, you’d better put everything off to the morning and go have some sleep now.

Thank you for staying with Coffeewritings Blog! Follow our refreshments, enrich your knowledge, practice your skills, enjoy your life, and take care!