Getting Rid of Negative Thinking

Negative Thinking Person

Nothing can spoil a beautiful day faster than negative thoughts. They go on top of all the positive, because humans unconsciously prefer focusing on something that goes or can go wrong instead of noticing good things of a situation. It is often the result of numerous failures in the past. The person thinks that fate Read More

How to Have a Good Sleep p.2

Sleepy Face

Read the second part of the article about good sleep advices. Read the next advice list in order to find your perfect way of falling asleep in peaceful mind. Alarm Clock People often have their alarm clocks standing on a table near the bed (or under the pillow in case of the cellphone). That is Read More

How to Have a Good Sleep

Diary Writings

Humans spend one third of their life on sleeping. And this is good, because sleep is the natural physiological process, required for the organism to function properly. While sleeping, human recovers their energy, “process” the information gathered during the day, and fight against illnesses. 1. Down Time Not only children are to keep up to Read More

Find Your Happiness Nearby

Exercises for Happiness

People often think happiness to be somewhere in future. But this perfect state is closer than we all might ever think. Read the following and live your happy life right now! 1. Exercise More Exercises provide the endorphins to come out, so training or just a short shopping tour will make you glad. Our authors Read More

Finding the Reader

Author Seeks Readers

Okay, let’s think that you’ve got an excellent idea for a book that will turn the whole world upside down. You know you can write it, because there are some stories or books written by you. These books proudly stand on a shelf in your room, and some exemplars were presented to your friends and Read More