Getting Rid of Negative Thinking

Negative Thinking Person

Nothing can spoil a beautiful day faster than negative thoughts. They go on top of all the positive, because humans unconsciously prefer focusing on something that goes or can go wrong instead of noticing good things of a situation. It is often the result of numerous failures in the past. The person thinks that fate will obligatory throw them down once again.

How to Get Rid of Negative Thoughts?

Start from Self-Analysis

While looking for ways to get rid of negative thoughts, start from finding the reasons why this negative is the required part of your everyday life.

Negative Thinking Person

People often have no idea about how negative their speech is, while the others notice that at once. And if to tell a person about them being too negative, they get angry at once, trying to prove positive attitude. That is how unconscious can be negative thoughts and how deep they can lie in one’s mind.

It is sad to look at people who have so much, but constantly comply about everything in the world. They play the role of a victim (a hostage of circumstances), and always judge and criticize others.

Yet how pleasant is to see people who have all the reasons for being totally unhappy because of life conditions, but they remain happy and cheerful despite that all.

Humans can unconsciously make negative thinking a habit, trying to protect themselves of disappointment. This can be the way to rise such person’s self-esteem up by telling “I told you that!”.

It is needed to stop thinking out negative scenarios and believing in them.

It’s a pity, but numerous people think their negative thinking to be a realism. The phrase “Just I’m a realist” says that the failure is obligatory to happen. But who said it has to be that way? If you believe the failure to be unavoidable, this belief is reflected in your speech and actions as well. Then, if failure actually occurs, everything goes “fine”, as your expectation came true.

The next hints and techniques of Silva method will help you to reprogram your mind and to get rid of negative thinking.

Do Not Believe Everything You Believe In

Your sub consciousness is heavily influenced by your past life experience. Are all your suggestions about the world’s functioning correct? For instance, you could take some convictions from your parents. But do YOU believe in them all for real? If your parents had troubles with their neighbor driving Porsche, then they could unconsciously have a belief that all Porsche drivers are bad guys. And you might take this belief from them as it is. But is it really true?

Solution: self-analysis and CHECKING your beliefs.

Stop Doing Something You Don’t Like

Unsatisfied Face

Imagination has an unbelievable power. But if you don’t give it right instructions (for instance, you don’t visualize positive results), it will go to negative templates which are kept in your mind. Solution: with your imagination, draw pictures of a good result for all the situations that bother you. Use your mind to create a picture of the desired result. Do this exercise more often and harder until your negativity towards the result gets away.

The positivity leads to happiness; and this is a matter of choice.

Think in Grey Shades Categories

Life is not a way of extremes. It is not being black-and-white, it does not consist only of situations like “This way or no way”, or “All or nothing”. If you treat your goals too fanatically, you will never be happy. If you are afraid of “unavoidable” failure, catastrophe, shame, exile, this means you tend to focus on negative sceneries for situations. Why?

Solution: learn how to notice positive features of any situation, learn to focus on “Average”, “normal” way for the situation to develop, learn to remember that everything passes and “this will pass as well”.

Notice Positivity

People tuned negatively are likely to see negativity everywhere.

This does not allow them to notice positivity. If you seriously overestimate your misfortunes and do not notice joys that are available for you, then the habit of negative thinking gets stronger.

Solution: you find what you look for, so look for positivity. Sometimes it is not easy, but it can be found in everything.

Don’t transfer partial negativity to general scale.

Do not Colligate Things


If you asked someone about a date and got their refuse, does this mean that you’ll ALWAYS get denies?

Solution: see every failure as a partial cause and a valuable experience for future.

Do Not Assign Something That Doesn’t Exist to Words and Deeds of Others

Every human has own life, own problems, fears, hopes and dreams, so do not look for any covered sense in actions or inactivity of the others, their words or silence. The fact YOU can see any covered sense in any action does not mean the others see it as well.

Solution: it is not worth it to try reading other people’s thoughts. Motives that you see in actions/words of a particular human are nothing but your fantasy. Why should you focus on a negative fantasy? Choose understanding and sympathy instead.

Meditation is what could help you find out if you are likely to have negative thinking.

Living Without Negativity


Take responsibility for what you can control, but do not try holding the whole world on your back, you are not Atlas.

Take responsibility for your actions as well, but don’t blame yourself if you did everything you could when life presented you some unpleasant surprise.

Solution: act from your possibilities and remember, that sometimes your attitude to a situation is all that you can control.

 Humanity Does Not Live According to Your Rules

Every human has the understanding of what is good and what is bad. Your expectations can be of the main sources of negativity. If you expect your sweetheart to give you a call while going home form the office, and he/she does not keep to this principle, then you are going to be disappointed, because you have a “call-while-going-home” rule, and your sweetheart obviously has not.

Solution: Correlate your wishes with your needs, but be flexible in expectations.

Teach yourself to think positively by visualizing the worst and the best sceneries for events, and following your mood: imagining the best ways is a lot more pleasant!

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