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Sleepy Face

Sleepy Face

Read the second part of the article about good sleep advices. Read the next advice list in order to find your perfect way of falling asleep in peaceful mind.

Alarm Clock

People often have their alarm clocks standing on a table near the bed (or under the pillow in case of the cellphone). That is really a mistake. Keeping an eye on time constantly means being constantly stressed. And stress, as you remember, means bad sleep.


Another way for spending evenings is staring into a laptop’s display or sitting behind a TV-set, then switching the gadget off and “falling” into a bed. But if you want to have your sleep really healthy, set up a curfew for all your gadgets two-three hours before going to sleep. This time is a time for relaxation.


Your brain is to associate the bedroom with a rest. That is why, use this room properly, please. Bedroom is about sleeping, not about working and surfing the Net.


You need to create good conditions in order to have a good sleep: buy a comfortable mattress, dark & thick curtains, deny all the noise sources which don’t allow you to fall asleep. If you sleep with your partner, discuss what is needed in order to create an environment which would be comfortable for you both.


Bedroom Temperature

The optimal temperature for bedroom is 16-24ºС. If the room is too hot, human starts to awaken often, and to fall asleep worse.


Bright lights and “peaceful” light form a TV-screen can be cases of sleep troubles as well. If it is impossible to get rid of light sources, then use sleeping mask in order for them to not interfere your rest.


Physical exercises not only strengthen you and make more durable. They can improve your sleep quality, too. The point is about aerobic exercises in part, they supply your organism with oxygen perfectly.

Everything Has Its Time

Sports improve sleep quality, yet you are better to finish your trainings not later than 2 hours before sleep. Physical activity supplies organism with oxygen, but with adrenaline as well. And adrenaline is a bad “sleeping draft”.

Muscle Relaxation

Try so called muscle relaxation before sleep. This technique is based on a gradual tenting and relaxing different muscle groups. Give tonus to your legs, then count up to five, and relax; set tension in press, one-two-three-four-five, breath out and relax. And so on. This procedure is fine to be done in a bed directly. Additionally, what helps to tune up your body for sleep is meditation.


One more secret of a good sleep: evening walks. Overcome your laziness even if the weather outside is not too warm. You’ll wonder how good your sleep will be if to walk for half an hour in the evening.

Hot Shower or Bath

The organism needs to relax before falling asleep, so let yourself have some SPA-procedures before leaving to Morpheus’s kingdom. Hot shower or bath will let you get rid of stress and provoke sleepiness.


Except of a shower, there is music which is able to calm your mind down. Classics, folk or jazz: everyone has their own melodies bringing harmony. Find the music that brings you peacefulness and listen to it before sleep


Lavender Aroma Candle

Aromas are what influences our sleep quality as well. Lavender is a perfect cure for insomnia. Use aromatic candles or oils to fill your bedroom with lavender smell before going to bed.


It should be cool outside, but warm inside. Drink some hot milk or green tea in the evening, and you’ll fall asleep instantly.

Chamomile Tea

Yes, about the tea… This is “grandma’s” thing for good and healthy sleep. Chamomile has a sedative effect onto human’s organism, and this means it to help fighting the main reason of a bad sleep: stress.

And what are your ways to sleep well?

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