How to Have a Good Sleep

Diary Writings

Humans spend one third of their life on sleeping. And this is good, because sleep is the natural physiological process, required for the organism to function properly. While sleeping, human recovers their energy, “process” the information gathered during the day, and fight against illnesses.

1. Down Time

Not only children are to keep up to the schedule of sleeping and activity, but adults have to do that, too. Set up your optimal time for going to bed, and keep up to it strictly even on your weekends.

2. Awakening

Set up not only time of falling asleep, but the time of awakening as well. Otherwise, the balance will not be maintained. Have you spent one additional hour in bed? Then, it will be much more difficult for you to fall asleep in time.

3. Diary

Diary Writings

One of the main reasons for a bad sleep is stress. People go to bed having numerous bad thoughts in their minds. That is why they cannot fall asleep for a long time, and their sleep is not peaceful at all. To correct this situation, start providing your diary, and “tell” it about all the daily events in the evening, about anything that disturbs you or makes you sad. Psychologists state providing a diary to help people concentrate on positive aspects of their lives, not negative ones.

4. Magnesium

One more factor, influencing the sleep is magnesium. When there is a lack of it in the organism, the sleep gets screwed. That is why one is recommended to eat products rich with magnesium. For instance, spinach or melon seeds.

  1. Aid Kit

Bad Medicine

Sometimes medicine is the reason of a bad sleep. If you take any pills and notice that you sleep worse, then look through the description. Maybe, there is an insomnia marked as a side-effect of the medicine.

6. Coffee

Caffeine lowers adenosine level, that is why human cant quickly calm down and fall asleep. A cup of coffee in the evening is able to cause insomnia or to lower your sleep quality. So, try to drink coffee only in the morning.

7. Technologies

To understand what exactly interferes your normal sleep, try using modern technologies. There are lots of mobile apps and special devices (Wakemate), helping you to track the time and quality of sleep. For instance, there is a Sleep Cycle app for iOS, and a SleepBot for Android.

8. Normal Sleep Time

Optimal sleep time is individual. But the average one, needed for a normal life activity, is 7 to 8 hours. Breaking this norm may lead to different serious illnesses. So, try to spend at least 7 hours a day on sleep.

9. Bonus

Did you have a tough week? Did you have to go to sleep after midnight? Then give yourself a bonus: an additional hour for sleep. This will help you renew energy and come back to a normal day schedule.

10. Siesta

Short afternoon sleep is really useful for your health. But only the short one, no more than 30 minutes! If to dream longer, the organism will fall into deep sleep phases: it will be difficult for you to awake and to come back to activities.

11. Whirligig

Can’t you fall asleep? Don’t turn around in a bed like a whirligig. You better get up and do something calm. For instance, go reading or listening to lounge.

12. Pets

Cat in Bed

Lots of people like sleeping together with their loved dog or cat. But if to talk about a healthy sleep, it is a bad idea. You can fall asleep hugging your Kitty, but then you should let it go to its place.

See more tips in the upcoming article!

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